How to care for teeth that are good and true

Everyone can certainly do the activities of brushing my teeth. From children to adults to know they must brush their teeth and do it as a mandatory daily habits. Whenever we do not brush your teeth then our teeth will be filled with germs that takes up the rest of the food is still stuck in our teeth.
How to care for teeth that are good and true
Did you know that the custom brush our teeth over this wrong? The point is how we in brushing my teeth turned out not including brushing my teeth is good and correct. Then rub the teeth such as what is good and true in order for our teeth stay healthy?

How To Rub The Tooth That Is Good And Right In Order To Keep Healthy Teeth
Brushing My Teeth

A good brushing my teeth tips
To answer your question, here we present information relating to how a good brushing my teeth and correctly so that the teeth remain healthy, yuk refer.

1. Reduce the use of toothpaste in the excessive amount
Use the toothpaste in the amount of the excess is indeed amateurish and could erode tooth email. Use toothpaste seukupnya just in order to keep your teeth clean without losing email.

2. Warnings, brush your teeth You for 45 minutes after consuming soda
Wow long time huh? Yes, it is true, as we are consuming soda then there is substance in the soda can make our teeth brittle and unhealthy. So it is recommended to rub the tooth for 45 minutes after we consume carbonated drinks.

3. rub the teeth with a soft
This technique may be many people left in brushing my teeth. They are sometimes too hard in scrubbing the teeth to injure the gums around the teeth. Of course it is not good for the health of teeth and gums. Sikatlah teeth slowly, regular and soft. In order for the rest of the food on the teeth that are not visible can take easy to clean. It also reduces the risk of sensitive teeth.

4. Brush your teeth one by one
Hmm maybe for those of you who have been regular do brush your teeth with the wrong way may be this fourth points quite complicate you. But if You want your teeth healthy, just do it. Brush your teeth thoroughly one by one so that your teeth are really clean and the cavity inside the mouth free from germs.

5. rub the teeth with vertical direction
Is this fifth on points is with a vertical direction while brushing my teeth, we can clean the dirt on the sidelines gears manually cleaned so uplifted and our teeth free from the rest of the food is one of the causes of dental pain.

law aqiqah replaced with money

Assalamu’alaikum wr. WB. Pack a good ustad hearts, I want to ask you about things related to aqiqah. When the boy was two goats, is if the girls were a goat. I wanted to ask is it okay if a goat for aqiqah I uangkan, then the money is distributed to the poor-as a faqir is aqiqah. This means that the aqiqahnya not wear goat, but the money senelai with the goat. I beg the explanation from Mr. ustad, and syirkah aqiqah murah surabaya upon the explanation I say thank you. Wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb (Ahmad/Purwodadi)
law aqiqah replaced with money

Assalamu’alaikum wr. WB.
Dear questioner, may always blessed God Almighty. As we understand, that the animal was slain aqiqah as a form of gratitude to God Almighty upon his grace, namely in the form of the birth of the child either male or female.

So, in principle aqiqah is one form of taqarrub and our Thanksgiving to God Almighty, which in this context is sacrificed two goats if children born are male, and one female in a goat.

Regarding the legal status of aqiqah according to Zakariya al-muakkadah sunnah-Ansari was with based on the words of the Prophet Muhammad as follows.

اَلْغُلَامُ مُرْتَهَنٌ بِعَقِيقَتِهِ تُذْبَحُ عَنْهُ يَوْمَ السَّابِعِ وَيُحْلَقُ رَأْسُهُ وَيُسَمَّى
“A baby tergadaikan with aqiqahnya, on the seventh day of the slaughtered animal, shorn of her hair and was given the name” (H.R. Ahmad and at-tirmidhi).

The content of this Hadith according to Zakariya al-Ansari was a suggestion to publish happiness, enjoyment, and forbidden. Further he said that that ruling aqiqah sunnah muakkadah, and not compulsory as there is a Hadith that says, ‘ whoever happy (like to) serve for her then go for it. ‘ Another reason to suggest that it is not mandatory aqiqah is that what is meant is the blood flow to her not because of the violation and neither vows.

وَالْمَعْنَى فِيهِ إظْهَارُ الْبِشْرِ وَالنِّعْمَةِ وَنَشْرِ النَّسَبِ. وَهِيَ سُنَّةٌ مُؤَكَّدَةٌ وَإِنَّمَا لَمْ تَجِبْ لِخَبَرِ أَبِي دَاوُدَ: “مَنْ أَحَبَّ أَنْ يَنْسُكَ عَنْ وَلَدِهِ فَلْيَفْعَلْ” وَلِأَنَّهَا إرَاقَةُ دَمٍ بِغَيْرِ جِنَايَةٍ ، وَلَا نَذْرٍ فَلَمْ تَجِبْ كَالْأُضْحِيَّةِ
“The meaning contained in the Hadith about the aqiqah this is fomentation publish happiness, enjoyment, and forbidden. The legal status of aqiqah is sunnah muakkadah itself, and not compulsory as there is a Hadith narrated by Abu Dawood, ‘ he who is glad to (want to) serve for her then go for it. ” In addition another reason to suggest that it is because the sunnah aqiqah is meant by aqiqah is drain blood rather than for committing the offence and neither vows. Therefore not obligatory, as udhhiyyah (sacrifice) “(see Zakariya al-Ansari, Asna al-Mataalib Syarhu Raudl ath-Talib, Bairut-Dar al-al Ilmiyyah Pole, cet-1, 1420 Ah/2000 M, juz, 1, p. 547)

While the meat of aqiqah distributed to poor-poor to bring blessings to the children of the diaqiqahi, and preferably the meat distributed in conditions already cooked. According to the opinion of the most valid (al-ashshah).

وَيُفَرَّقُ عَلَى الْفُقَرَاءِ وَالْمَسَاكِينِ لِتَعُودَ الْبَرَكَةِ عَلَى الْمَوْلُودِ وَيُسْتَحَبُّ أَنْ لَا يُتَصَدَّقَ بِهِ نِيئًا بَلْ مَطْبُوخًا عَلَى الْأَصَحِّ
“The meat of aqiqah distributed to poor people poor so blessed-back to the child, and it is not disedekahkan in the condition is still raw, but it is ripe (ready to eat). So this is the most valid opinion “(Taqiyyuddin Abu Bakr bin Muhammad al-Kifayah, Husaini al-Akhyaar fi al-Ghayah Halli Ikhtishar, Surabaya, Indonesia-Dar al-‘ Ilm, tt, juz, 2, p. 196)

Then what if aqiqah it replaced with money Our answer to the question is that aqiqah cannot replaced with money. Because, in fact, blood flow or aqiqah is killing the animals. That is, two goats for boys and one for girls, goats. And this includes the wrong form of taqarrub or its legal status which is the sunnah muakkadah. In a hadeeth it says;

مَعَ الْغُلاَمِ عَقِيقَةٌ فَأَهْرِيقُوا عَنْهُ دَمًا ، وَأَمِيطُوا عَنْهُ الأْذَى
“With a baby it’s no aqiqah, then flush the blood for her (aqiqah), and get rid of the things that bother him (shave).” (H.R. Bukhari)

Such an answer that we can reproduce. May be well understood. For parents whose children have not diaqiqahi then it’s best when it’s good fortune can soon diaqiqahi. And we are always open to receive suggestionsand criticisms from readers.
Wallahul muwaffiq thariq aqwamith, ila
Wassalamu’alaikum wr. WB

minimalist house model floor plan

Do you want to build a new, minimalist home? If you want to build a new, minimalist home then you should have to make careful planning in order to later homes built as per your liking. Planning, you must create a map of your home interior or exterior in terms of doing sktesa measurements to fit the House actually is. It is referred to as society modelling minimalist house and floor plans home that detail. With you making the blueprints of the House, then you can find out the most important part and the contents of your home. Therefore needed detailed blueprints of the House and do the measurements of the actual House. But making the blueprints of the House requires a special ability so as not wrong in doing the measurement of land area and divide between the interior and exterior sides of the House.

It currently harga jasa bangun rumah borongan houses the society’s favorite that is the Foundation of the House. Why would minimalist house made the House the favourite because of the minimalist house form and the concept is very simple but still looks unique, elegant, stately, and luxury. Therefore many communities looking for minimalist home and favorite model made in the construction of the House. But not complete it feels like if you want to build a new, minimalist but not make blueprints of the House first. We recommend that you create a model of minimalist house and floor plans that detail in order to later homes that have been built in accordance with blueprints of the House are made. In making the blueprints of the House minimalist detail should be the one paying attention to the most important part between the interior and exterior in terms that include the use of any room or room with its size, the Division of any room and estimate what furniture is used.
minimalist house model floor plan
a model of minimalist house and floor plans

In making a floor plan of your home should match the type and area of the House which will be built, because the type at home is very minimalist and varies a lot. Make a model of minimalist house and floor plans you can do yourself at home by manual or drawn on a paper or you can also make a floor plan of the House using a software computer such as autocad. But if you want your home floor plan more optimally, you should use the services of design architects House but it costs relatively little expensive. Designing a floor plan of the minimalist House indeed should be made early so that later in development can result as expected or appropriate blueprints of the House.

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