Biogreen Apple Stem Cell Offer hope for Aging and damaged Skin

Biogreen Biogreen gold apple biogreen gold apple cell Biogreen gold apple Cell Offer hope for Aging and damaged Skin
Biogreen Apple Stem Cell Offer hope for Aging and damaged Skin
nov2008_report_regeneration_02Seperti we age, reduced turnover of cells we mean we could lose control over how our skin ages. Epidermal biogreen gold apple cells needed to make new healthy skin is significantly reduced and function more efficiently. An invention based on a plant biogreen gold apple cell research promises can allow you to regain control.

Scientists have discovered that extracts new biogreen gold apple cells derived from a rare Biogreen gold apple biogreen gold apple cell trees cultivated for exceptional longevity shows the extraordinary ability to rejuvenate aging skin. Aging biogreen gold apple cells by stimulating the skin, these plant extracts have been shown to reduce the appearance of unsightly wrinkles. Clinical trials show that this unique formulation increases the longevity of skin cells, making the skin which has the appearance of a more youthful and radiant.

Biogreen gold apple Cells
The cells in our bodies are programmed to a specific function. A skin cells, brain cells, liver cells and all contain the same DNA, or gene set. Yet, the fate of each cell is determined by a set of epigenetik (being able to change the pattern of gene expression) the signal that comes from the inside and from the surrounding cells as well. This signal as the tag commands attached to the DNA of a particular gene is switched on or off.

Selective coding creates all types of cells in our bodies, which are collectively known as the distinguished (Special) cells.

nov2008_report_regeneration_05Meskipun differentiated cells vary in their purpose and appearance, they all have one thing in common: they all come with a built-in operational limits. After so many divisions, they lose their ability to divide and should be replaced. This is where the biogreen gold apple cells came from.

Your body also produce other cells that do not contain certain programming. These Konsumen Biogreen biogreen gold apple cells, “blank” so that your body can essentially “format” them in any way it pleases. Two aspects of the universal, owned by cell types are: (1) the ability to charge themselves through a process of self-renewal and (2) the ability to generate different cells.

In animals and humans, the two basic types of biogreen gold apple cells: embryonic biogreen gold apple cells and adult. Embryonic biogreen gold apple cells have the power to transform into all the different cell types found anywhere in your body. Adult biogreen gold apple cells, on the other hand, are generally more limited. They can only develop into specific types of cells that are found in the tissue in which they are located. The main function of these adult biogreen gold apple cells are maintenance and repair.

But certain adult biogreen gold apple cells found in nature sustaining development of the infinite potential of embryonic biogreen gold apple cells have. These cells have become a major focus for an exciting new wave of regenerative medicine (repairing damaged or diseased tissues and organs using advanced techniques such as biogreen gold apple cell therapy and tissue engineering).

The role of Biogreen gold apple Cells in the skin
Basal (inner) layers of the epidermis of the skin consists of two basic types of cells: (1) the epidermis biogreen gold apple cells divide slowly (which represents about 2-7% of the population of the basal cells) and (2) their children divide fast that supplies new cells to replace those that are lost or dying 1-3

The process of self-renewal of biogreen gold apple epidermis cells was slow, however, creates a problem. Because each biogreen gold apple cells the epidermis only lasted for a number of divisions, each Division and therefore run the risk of deadly DNA mutations, the population of epidermal biogreen gold apple cells can become exhausted. When this happens, the cells lost or dead skin start to exceed their replacement and skin health and appearance began to decline.

The world’s most intense eruptions along with pictures

The world’s most intense eruptions along with pictures
The world's most intense eruptions along with pictures

In various parts of the Earth there are mountains and mountains of active fire die. In Indonesia itself we know has many volcanoes because Indonesia is one of the volcanoes are scattered in various parts of the world.

Lately we too often hear Indonesian volcanoes active crater breathed the heat that makes the people who live around them became panicked and had to evacuate.

The story about the awesomeness of the eruptions, here we will discuss some of the greatest eruptions in the world along with the picture. Where the most intense explosion, three occurred in Indonesia.

The largest explosion-an explosion in a mountain in North Sumatra was recorded as the largest explosion in recorded history which occurred around 75 thousand years ago (according to theory), the mountain spewed magma as much as 2500 cubic meters which caused the tertutupnya 2/3 part of the Earth with the ashes, killing half of Earth’s habitats and also extreme weather the years. But the explosion left a beautiful Lake and is currently the largest in southeast asia.

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Mount krakatau child-Indonesia
Mount krakatau erupted

Image source:

Before becoming the son of krakatau, the mountain was formerly named mount Krakatoa. Powerful flash point in 1883 caused a tsunami, too, the explosion also made a film by American film company into a big screen movie.

A second eruption occurred in 1927, the son of Krakatoa is erupting again and in June 2009, the son of Krakatoa (volcano Remnant) also made a panicked citizens around the mountain, because of aggressive activity. The son of krakatau issued a lava hot few days between March 4-June 8, 2009.
Mount Pinatubo-Philippines
Catalysmic pinatubo

😛 image source

The explosion of Mount Pinatubo is one of the largest eruptions in the world, the mountain erupted on June 15, 1991 in the Philippines. The explosion is accompanied by the avalanche of abu vukanik, a cold lava, hot ash and gases with high speeds up to hundreds of kilometers.
Mount Huaynaputina-Peru


This mountain is the largest in South America, a mountain as tall as 4850 meters it erupt, where Flash almost covered the entire continent of the Pacific with a radius of 120 km. This Explosion resulted in climate change all over the world. Ashes Flash buried as deep as 50 km to the West of the mountain until now.
Mount Santa Maria-Guatemala

Image source:

Known as santa maria eruption in 1902, the eruption is also included into one of the largest eruptions in the 20th century. This eruption has been consuming the sacrifice of more than five thousand inhabitants.
Mount Novarupta-Alaska peninsula

Image source:

A huge explosion also occurred on the alaska peninsula, where the mountain spewing 12 KM cubic magma ash into the air so that envelop the surrounding area with an area of 7800 KM.

supplement the blood, Good For penambah darah

When you search for Food to supplement the blood, then once you’ve found the right article that will be special for the various foods that increase blood hb. Where is the source – the source reference is collected into one and was made in one of these articles to make it easier for you in its quest.

supplement the blood

To meet the needs of blood in the body is by consuming foods – foods that contain lots of iron. Basically the sources can be obtained from vegetable or animal foods. Thus to know more, just read the following articles address the problem of shortage of blood (anemia).
Food Enhancer Blood
supplement the blood
1. Potato

Many types of this plant contain a good source of iron to the body. So when you want to menambag the darah, karena buah penambah darah preferably potato consumption in teratue. In addition, there is a vitamin C plays an important role to maintain the health of the body.

2. Cabbage

For those of you who like a vegetarian then it goes without worrying if experiencing a shortage of blood, enough to eat the vegetable cabbage can little by little add your blood effectively. These foods can you serve raw or combined with vegetables – vegetables laonya.

3. Brown rice

Brown rice is believed to be good for health food, the content of the fibers can facilitate digestion and is able to cleanse the body of toxins. So also kandugan high iron plays an active role in the increase of blood.

4. Fish

One of the high iron content present in fish especially sardines or Rabbitfish fish known to every 2, 5 mg contains 100 grams of iron. Salmon also includes a source of iron, protein and azam omega 3 fats are very good for the health of the body.

5. Egg

Has been known since long ago when eggs including food Enhancer. Its content is high in protein, calcium, vitamins and iron are also capable of adding blood to your body. It can also be improved to build cells – cells to create new course will repair damaged cells in the body.

6. Milk

It’s good when you kekurangn the blood, please regularly drinking milk because vitamin and vast gardens will address the problem of anemia (lack of blood). It would be more worthwhile you can consume milk on a regular basis so that the blood in your body would be sure of.

7. Vegetable spinach

Source of iron from vegetable in vegetables including spinach. With many consume vegetable spinach, then directly blood will increase rapidly and certainly more secure daripda use of materials – chemicals.

8. Meat

Almost all of the meat is rich in protein and iron. Like for instance on each of 2, 8 mg beef contains approximately 100 grams of iron that will address the problem of shortage of blood.

9. Corn

When you know more detail that corn also contain lots of iron and copper working effectively in your blood increase. Besides corn also is an important source for vitamins A and C is good for the health of the body.

10. Broccoli

Besides the protein content in vegetables broccoli, vegetable material also contains a powerful perananya of iron in your blood increase. In addition, almost kandunganya almost similar corn i.e. There is vitamin C is useful in preventing the entry of free radicals in the body and strengthens the immune system of the body.

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