10 Food make bones healthy and strong

10 Food make bones healthy and strong

Have bones strong and healthy is very important because it has a function to protect the organs of the us from injury and also determine the shape of our bodies. As we get older, our bones will change and evolve, therefore so that it works as it should we have to give the bone nutrients it needs (especially calcium and magnesium).

In this article tips and tricks will give you a wide variety of food that can help You have the bones strong.
10 Food that must be consumed to make the bones healthy & strong

1. Fat Fish

Fatty fish no doubt is an excellent source of the most important of calcium and Vitamin E, where salmon is the choice best. But if readers feel salmon price is too expensive or less liked it, then you can choose sardines and tuna are also rich in calcium.

One portion of salmon (110 grams) contains 250 mg of calcium, so make sure to mengkonsumsinya in a diet diary for You if need calcium.

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2. Drink The Milk

Just like fatty fish, milk is a source of natural calcium. Where one glass of milk (230 milliliters) provides more than 30% of intake calcium daily is recommended.

3. Soy

Soy is very rich in calcium and protein are very good for health the bone where the average person requires around 1,000 mg of calcium every day. One cup of soybeans contains a quarter of the intake of the daily calcium and magnesium are recommended.

4. Spinach

If You are allergic to products milk, or You aren’t a milk person and cheese, then spinach could be an alternative. Besides the amount of high calcium, spinach also contains a lot of iron and Vitamin A.

5. Eggs

Egg is a major source other than calcium (egg white) and vitamin D (yolk), where the vitamin D to be nutrients another important to make bones strong and healthy. A lack of vitamin D can exacerbate osteoporosis and can cause rakhitis to the (- bone).

6. Banana

The banana is often ruled out a lot of people when you want, the bones are healthy when a banana has a saturation potassium (potassium) high. This happens because the benefits potassium rarely mentioned as pembentuk bones healthy.

7. Grain intact (Whole Grains)

Wheat, havermut, corn, sorgum (buckwheat) and rice red is very rich in magnesium which is useful for the health of bones. Besides that, they also contain carbohydrate complex and fiber in the amount of abundant.

8. Nuts and Seeds-grain

Peanuts and almonds are rich in fat good, fat is just as important with calcium and vitamin D to make bones strong and healthy. So, consumption of one ounce of almonds (rich in calcium and magnesium) per-day to make the bones stay healthy until You enter old age.

9. Know

Know is food rich in calcium, have a taste delicious and can be consumed in pairs with almost all kinds of food. You too can choose to know that are enriched with calcium if you want to complete the RDI (Reference Daily Intake) of calcium for people who aren’t allergic to the product milk. Make sure to check the label before buying, because not all the know it contains calcium.

10. Potato

The potato does not contain calcium in the amount of high, but very rich in potassium and mineral (along with Vitamin D3) useful to help the absorption calcium rapidly into the body.