8 food and beverage is good for bones

8 food and beverage is good for bones meruoakan tool motion and overlaid by the muscles and also the network that functions in such a way. It is important for us to keep all parts of the main body of your bones. Bones as tools of motion are also in dire need of nutrient content as well as vitamins. In add8 food and beverage is good for bonesalso be supporting the health of our body.

8 food and beverage is good for bones
8 food and beverage is good for bones
Here are 8 food and beverage is good for bones among them;

1 Yogurt-Vitamin D contained in yogurt is very good for the bones. In addition the content of kalsiumnya is very beneficial to have daily calcium needs. By consuming this yogurt then your bones will menapatkan the intake of good nutrition.

2 Milk – many of which misunderstand that the milk will only cause obesity. But don’t be mistaken, because existing content in milk can give you the intake of calcium for bones. If you’re afraid of fat then you should choose fat-free milk.

3 Cheese-milk cheese compared to more calcium for in just one ounce of cheese it contains 200 ml calcium. But you should know that calcium content of cheese depends on the process. Although it contains much calcium cheese have little vitamin d. So the cheese into the food that is good for bone health is strong.

4 types of marine fish-Eating fish is also very good, but better yet eating sea fish. One of them is sardines which also is very good for the bones. Because sardines contain a lot of vitamin D kalisum and salmon are also a type of marine fish that contain substances that are commonly good to the bone. Salmon known omega-3 content and contains vitamin d. vitamin D sources For most present on the tuna. With just three ounces of canned tuna contains 154 IU, which is about 39% of your daily vitamin D requirement..

5 eggs-if you have trouble finding the foods above, so the easy way to get vitamin D is through eggs. However, the drawback of the egg contains only 6% vitamin D daily for you. Vitamin D is found in egg yolks, egg consumption in ways that vary to meet daily nutritional adequacy.

6 Spinach-for those of you who are less like the milk then you can choose vegetables such as spinach are excellent for getting the calcium. There is a 25% calcium content of spinach that has been cooked. In addition there are fiber, iron and vitamin A which can help to keep your health.

7 Cereals with vitamin D-Eating cereal in the morning is very good. When taking your daily nutritional serela in the morning can be fulfilled. Besides cereals can also be consumed to meet their vitamin D needs.

Broccoli Juice 8-despite the very many people who don’t like it even broccoli have vitamin a lot. You can consume broccoli containing vitamin K and Vitamin d. These are excellent for maintaining healthy bones to help prevent osteoporosis.

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