bio consumption rules stemcell gold

bio consumption rules stemcell gold
bio consumption rules stemcell gold
Ashwagandha improves endurance and stamina, so it helps the performance of daily activities.
6. Sexual health of men and Testosterone Levels Biogreen gold for men’s sexual Ashwagandha improves sperm quality and mobility, as well as testosterone levels of men. 7. female sexual Health Minum Biogreen gold for female sexual Ashwagandha increases women’s sexual desire and menstrual problems help. 8. Extend the age Bio stemcell gold for longevity

According to the test animals ashwagandha expand lifespan. Worms are used because of their metabolic processes are very similar to those that exist in humans.
9. Weight loss

Bio stemcell gold to for diet

Ashwagandha helps regulate weight problems, to get a slim and healthy body.
10. Immune System

Bio stemcell gold for the immune system

Ashwagandha improves the immune system, preventing the body from the contagion of penyakit2 and unhealthy environments.
Rules of Consumption and content Per Box Bio Stemcell Gold
How To Wear Gold Stemcell Bio

Pour into 50 ml water or mix it with tea, coffee or juice.

Use 1-2 saset/day.
Prices and Contents Per Box Bio Stem Cell Gold

So in 1 Box Bio Stemcell Gold contains 30 Sachets of Bio Stemcell Gold.

And for the price perbox Bio Stemcell Gold is Rp. 3,120,000.0.

Or can be obtained 2 Box when you buy with the Gold Package.

Consumption during the day and should not be consumed if you have or have ever had high blood pressure, heart problems, immune system problems, breast cancer, pregnant women. This product can cause rare side effects such as headaches, body pain and dizziness … If this effect continues please contact your doctor.
Factory Employees Performance Indicators
You can be a value from the management of the budget is:

The decline in the cost of daily work, for example the cost of overtime employees, use of office stationery, and use of chemicals
Confident use of the annual budget, for example, no excess or no budget shortfall
The cost of maintenance of the equipment
The cost of operation of the equipment
The cost of the working tools of salvation

7. The environment

The latter performance indicators is the environment (environmental). As with any indicator, indicators of budget management of the environment also for the supervisor level to the top. The assessment of this indicator can be either:

Management of waste water, air, and soil (already under regulatory quality raw pemrintah or not)
Tidy working environment
The safety of the working environment

The main performance indicator employee factory varies because it depends on the unit it works. However, you can include some or all of the above indicators in discussing or drafting the annual performance assessment program. Bebaslah value in the form of the number or percentage of making it suitable to use in your company. Don’t forget, once so communicate these indicators to the employee concerned so that they can achieve it.