Body Detoxification Methods Cara Buang Toksin Dari Tubuh With Smart Detox


With a Colon cleansing you pay someone else to perform internal cleansing for you (although some of the newer places already offer a technique by which you can perform it yourself). It’s like a luxurious enema treatment. You lie on a table with a cape, a rectal tube is inserted directly and an expert uses a machine that regulates the flow rate of the water. The water is body temperature, so that you hardly perceive something. The water is flushed into you and then you can run it just … it goes through another hose out again – and new water is admitted etc .. This treatment takes about one hour. It is more thorough than an enema and much more relaxing. The light is usually dimmed somewhat and it played soft music, so similar as when you get a massage in a spa. The people who perform this are professionals and they see all day buttocks – most of which are probably uglier than yours, so do not worry. You picked this job and are grateful to execute it, because these people have truly decided to help others. In my view, these people are selfless helpers 10 x more good than do greedy doctors who prescribe pills to suppress symptoms. Wash out your insides with water does not suppress symptoms – it helps loszukriegen the disease-causing stuff. It does not matter what bad things you have in you – toxins, bad food, bacteria, viruses, gallstones, cholesterol, foreign implants – it is conveyed in your trash can and when it is not clean, then sits this shit for years in any columns resistant, making you sick, sluggish and you are not really functional.

One of the best things you can do when cleaning

is something fresh wheat grass juice to take with in the inlet fluid. It helps in serious poisoning and supports the healing of colon problems, it makes your digestive system alkaline and enriches it with oxygen, fights pathogens and gives your body many necessary minerals. Some people like it, to enrich their colon hydrotherapy treatments or enemas with herbs etc. to support the cleaning even more. For example, some people take a day before the cleaning powder activated carbon or bentonite (a mixture of different clay minerals) to itself. Both are powerful agents to absorb toxins. It is even used in some hospitals, activated carbon, to absorb an overdose of medication in the body. The problem, however, is that these substances act so strongly absorbing, that the powder clumped in your body, similar to cement. Thus, you need to drink a lot of water. Some people also take laxative herbs to better convey it through the Verdauungssungssystem. The Colon cleansing or an enema then helps flush out there. Open to definitely no commercial laxatives – which are not good for you. If you want to support your body so that your digestion works better, then use eg the product “FREE-COLON formula”. It includes herbs, whose main task it is to bring your intestinal muscles to twitch when passing. This effect is similar to the peristaltic action that is triggered by the food as it passes through your digestive system. (Note: Free Colon is currently only available in the US Alternatively, there is an Amazon Darmreinigungskur in rainbow circle.).

Body Detoxification Methods Cara Buang Toksin Dari Tubuh With Smarr Detox

After a good cleaning, some people take probiotics (eg the liquid ProTop from rainbow circle). These include natural enzymes or organisms that occur in your digestive system naturally and catch the food. If you perform a lot of internal cleaning, then that supports the exchange of substances. Washed bad substances are replaced by new good fabrics. Do not worry about it, that the good nutrients could be “used up”, because if you consume fresh raw fruits, vegetables and juices, which are provided by from home for you, then you already get everything you need.

Some people make the enema also like coffee

Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s pretty amazing. If you introduce with an enema a couple of cups of coffee warm body in your bowel, causing the liver and gallbladder to the unbridled elimination of gallstones. It’s like a child who suddenly a bag of marbles drops. Suddenly you realize that you repels in seconds thousands of small stones (do not worry – it’s painless). These stones are made of cholesterol and toxins that have accumulated over many years, were formed in your liver into small beads and were then transported to the gallbladder and these clogged.

I do not drink coffee, but it is not the same as drinking coffee. Another way to rid yourself of gallstones is a cleaning, when you drink one day nothing more than water with Epsom salt. The stuff tastes so disgusting that it can spit bile stones of pure shock and disgust your body. The coffee method is certainly enjoyable. Carry just what is always required!