Commencement aqiqah according to the agreement of the scholars

The words: “then we (avengers) from her blood sembelihan” is a command, yet not be mandatory, because there sabdanya the turning of the obligation that: “Whoever among you anyone wants to menyembelihkan for his daughter, then please do.” (HR: ‘m ahmad, Abu Dawud and An Nasai with the sanad is hasan).

Commencement aqiqah according to the agreement of the scholars

The words: “want to menyembelihkan,..” is bormat the turning command is basically obliged to be a sunnah.

Imam Malik said: Aqiqah it’s like a nusuk (sembeliah the subsequent ban hajj) and udhhiyah (kurban), should not be in aqiqah this animal picak, thin, broken bones, and hospital. Imam Asy-Syafi’iy said: And it should be avoided in animals pesan sidoarjo aqiqah this defect-a defect which is not allowed in the qurban.

Buraidah said: First, we in the jahiliyah if one of us have a son, he slaughtered a goat and smeared on the head with the blood of the goat. Then after God brought Islam, we slaughter a goat, shave (menggundul) the head of the baby and melumurinya with perfume. [HR. Abu Dawud deuce 3, things. 107]

Of ‘Aisha, he said, “Once people in the time of jahiliyah if they ber’aqiqah for a baby, they smeared on the gauze with the blood of ‘aqiqah, then when shaved hair of the baby they melumurkan on her head”. Then the Prophet peace be upon him said, “sarge watch the perimeter that blood with perfume”.[HR. Ibn Hibban with tartib Ibn Balban deuce 12, thing. 124]

Commencement aqiqah according to the agreement of the scholars is the seventh from the birth. It is based on the hadits Samirah where the Prophet peace be upon him said, “A child tied with aqiqahnya. He disembelihkan aqiqah on day seven and given a name”. (HR. al-Tirmidzi).

Nevertheless, if missed and can’t be done on the day seventh, it can be performed on days 14. And if not too, then on day 21 or whenever he can. Imam Malik said : To dzohirnya that keterikatannya on the day to 7 (seven) on the basis anjuran, then if slaughtering on the day to 4 (four) to 8 (eight) to 10 (ten) or after Aqiqah have been enough. Because of the principle teachings of Islam is to make it easier not to complicate as the word of Allah SWT: “Allah wants ease for you and don’t want kesukaran for you”. (QS.Al Baqarah:185)

Commencement aqiqah disunnahkan on the day the seventh from the birth, is based on the word of the Prophet, peace be upon him, which means: “Every child that tergadai with animals aqiqahnya, slaughtered him on the day of seven, and him first be shaved, and given a name.” (HR: Priests’m ahmad and Ashhabus Sunan, and dishahihkan by At Tirmidzi)

And if you can’t do it on the day of seventh, then can be performed on a day to fourteen, and if not, then on the day to twenty-one, is based on hadits Abdullah Ibn Buraidah from his father from the Prophet Shallallaahu alaihi wa Sallam, he said, which means: “Animals aqiqah it is slaughtered at day seven, fourteen, and twenty-one.” (Hadits hasan of Al Baihaqiy)

But after three weeks still not able to then anytime pelaksanaannya in time been able to, because running on days seven, fourteen and twenty-one is its sunnah and most main not obligatory. And you may also carry it out before the day to seven.