designing minimalist fence

pagar rumah Minimalis has a high decorative value – attractive wood color and grain can not get rid of the eye. Natural ingredients is of course very sensitive and require regular maintenance. We give you some tips on how you can make the weather minimalist fence.

Even when building a Rumah Minimalis wooden fence construction should be protected from bad weather. If the minimalist concrete fence posts or anchored by wrapping the arm on the ground, which is a minimalist house wooden garden fence effectively protected against rot. In addition, rain water can flow should be easy – because the blades are often processed by a specialized manufacturer constructive. Additionally, you should check before buying. Is minimalist fence built by all the rules, half the job is done. It’s still a protective sealer.

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If a wooden fence minimalist home garden a mess, he will not last long. Therefore it is recommended to treat the battens and posts with water conservation agent. This will protect the natural material to rot, but the color of the wood may change from time to time anyway – this is mainly caused by UV radiation. Some people like a light gray patina, but if it does not please you, you can still special impregnation with UV protection kaufen.So will apply:

First grind the fence, then apply special impregnation. Minimalist fence should then be dried for 2-3 days. You can then also apply the paint or glaze. The difference between the paint and the glaze is quite simple – paint color, while the transparent glaze and bring to bear only the natural beauty of wood.

Another possibility is the application of tung oil – in this case, you do not need to grind minimalist fence. Oil can in any case slightly change the color of wood.

Is the wood color has changed, you can buy what is called wood bleach. It is applied like a polish and brighten the wood.