Difference Facebook Riffs with Snapchat

With Facebook and wikipedia, users will have fun Riff with a video sharing service together. Facebook itself did want to present the #media social services could be something not just connect people, but can also bring joy in the relationship between these users. Then SOE’s Facebook Riffs to accommodate those needs.
Difference Facebook Riffs with Snapchat
Seen in terms of service, Facebook Riff will look very similar to chat applications Snapchat. Admittedly some users, Facebook Riffs in the outline is indeed a clone of Snapchat. However, if explored, Facebook, Riff turned out to have some differences with the application creation Evan Spiegel.

The difference is Facebook Riffs using the capabilities of the tagar (#) to further add to the keseruannya while not Snapchat. In addition, Facebook Riffs rely more on the making of the video “keroyokan” or collaborative, whereas Snapchat only through the creation and sharing of personal video. From here it would seem that the process of making the video through collaboration among users more creative and fun and also often produce final video cooler.
Ideas and Riffs Facebook Competition

Production manager Facebook Creative Labs, Josh Miller stated that the idea of making Facebook this riff inspired by the phenomenon of Ice Bucket Challenge ALS. He thinks Ice Bucket Challenge ALS is a video work of the most successful collaborations and produce millions of spectators. In a news also mentioned that the creation of Facebook this Riff is associated with Facebook’s attempt to compete with the Periscope, a video sharing application features of the recently launched by #Twitter a few weeks ago.

However, in the news, pekembangannya refuted directly by the #Facebook. According to a Facebook party, Schilling Riff application has nothing to do at all with the competition to the Periscope and other applications. The idea of this pure Riff Facebook emerged from the creative and pengambang Facebook has long been developed, only this time the new Facebook official Riff actually appear in public.
How To Use Facebook Riffs

To enjoy Facebook Riffs is easy and simple so anyone can do it. You can start with a single video. Once you are done with your video, you can just give the tagar for your video with the topics that you like or that are currently popular in cyberspace.

Once you are done with Your video and tagar, then your video will be seen by your friends. From there, your friends will join the make a video as a video response from you with the same hastag. Two of these videos, there will be popping out and other videos of your friends with the tagar you have set. It went on to video sambung-menyambung now ceased when the response is no longer there.

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Video collaboration system on Facebook applications this Riff resembles a snowball effect that will continue to widen as menggelindingnya the ball until the ball stops. Then in order to keep rolling or getting a response from a lot of people, you should be able to make a video with the hastag is also interesting and popular.