Entrepreneurship Summit Pavilion Heritage Festival Smesco 2015

One form of entrepreneurship summit at the end of the year 2015 it was The 13th Smesco Festival by 2015 that will be made at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), the event itself will be conducted on June 1 to October 4, 2015, which is one of the most interesting event of the form and invite people to visit it was Pavilion Heritage which makes an exhibition of products SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISESbecome more prestigious. It is also as revealed by one of the special staff of the Minister ofCooperatives and SMES who acted as coordinator of the Heritage Pavilion itself i.e. Samuel Wattimena.
Entrepreneurship Summit Pavilion Heritage Festival Smesco 2015
The entrepreneurial party 2016 held on 3 – 5 may 1490 in Art Craft, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakartacommunity hands on. This is a good start for employees who want to find out and switchingprofessions to become entrepreneurial.

The heritage Pavilion itself will feature a wide range of products already selected SMES from all regionsin Indonesia. In addition, the selected products that also has its own form of passion, especially inproducing heritage. That is stated by samuel ungakapan on some of the editor.

Some form of heritage products to be displayed at the pavilion were the product of batik, weaving, as well as some form of a product is best of the best more. On the displayed form of batik has a different style, which was the inspiration for featuring more cultural roots are interspersed with tastes that arisein the present. In addition, many still form part of the leather products, accessories, home decor, crafts,fashion, and also other products that are not less interesting. Samuel also stated his opinion that theheritage is a form of cultural heritage in its use of the present must be applied in translation into products that are more modern, or else the present so that it can be used from one generationtowards the next generation.

According to him, when the heritage products cannot be translated in the form of a product that ismore in line with current usage, then those products can also experience a form of failed, and maybe even just left in the museum as a cultural heritage only on printed without can be applied in everyday life.

With the holding of the festival, this one also forms the heritage pavilion, he is also hoping that visitorscan see and get something that is more different from the form of the exhibition on this one. In addition, he also hopes that the visitors could pay more attention to the heritage pavilion in order tomake it as a form of icons that allow it to be an inspiration for a whole range of other exhibitions, so that forms of heritage raised in the festival will be an important attraction and inspire other people.