Far View Health Camp (Publisher Unknown, 1936)


Far View Health Camp] [The location of Far View Health Camp on a hillside north of Homer permits the boys and girls to enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine as well as good food, necessary rest, and happy playtimes.

It is maintained by funds derived from the sale of Christmas Seals, contributions from civic organizations, appropriations from the County Board of Supervisors, and individual gifts.

It is open to the undernourished and the underprivileged children of Cortland County.

There is a building in the distance.

It is big and white and located on the top of a hill.

Closer view of the same building.

The building is seen between trees which surround it on the sides and back.

There is a dirt road leading to it.

The commencement of a healthy experience under skillful care and treatment.

We see the building from the side.

There are people walking to it from a vehicle.

A car is driving up the dirt road towards the camera.

Children get out of the car.

The children walk up a few steps and go into the building.

They are carrying suitcases.

Another car comes up the dirt road and stops to let two young girls get out.

A car is backing down the road as another car is driving up.

The two girls go up the steps and go into the building.

More children arrive in a car.

They unload suitcases from the car.

More cars arrive bringing children.

To insure the health of others during their stay, Miss Flood inspects each child carefully.

A nurse and a line of children are outside the building.

The nurse is seated on the steps and is talking to each child in line and writing things down.

The children are lined up waiting for her.

In the background are two children playing on a swingset.

The nurse takes the hands of a young girl and looks at them and then talks to her.

Children are playing on a slide in the background.

The nurse checks the girl’s hair.

There are now only two children in line.

The nurse inspects a young girl, looking at her back and then looking in her open mouth.

The nurse looks in her ears and checks her hair.

Another car arrives at the camp.

The nurse is seated on the steps and talks to a young boy who stands with his hands behind his back.

More children get out a car.

The nurse checks the young boy.

The children are walking from the car to the building with suitcases in their hands.

The nurse is looking at the arms of a boy.

She then looks at his chest and has him open his mouth so she can check it.

Then she checks his hair.

More children are being checked by the nurse.

She checks a young boy and then two older girls.

A young girl wearing overalls is checked by the nurse.

When the nurse is done the girl picks up her coat and bag and goes into the building.

A man takes some boxes from a truck.

There is a boy standing on the back of the flatbed truck.

The man and some children walk up the steps and enter the building.

Underweight now, but not for long.

The nurse is outside the building.

She has a scale and is weighing a young girl.

Another woman is seated on the steps writing things down.

The nurse measures the girl’s height.

The girl steps off the scale and another girl steps on.

Next to the steps children are lined up waiting to be weighed and measured.

Other girls are weighed and measured.

A new day, and a new life bringing these children closer to happiness and health.

There are beds shown in a room with many windows.

There are children sleeping in the beds.

Close up of one the children who is sleeping.

Close up of a young girl sleeping in her bed.

There is a towel hanging on a hook next to her bed.

The children get up out of their beds.

They take their towels and clothes and leave the area.

Children are leaving the building.

A boy is washing his face at a sink and drying himself off.

Whipped to shreds from many years’ usage, this flag was replaced by a new one, given by the Cortland Voiture, 1102, Forty and Eight, of the American Legion.

A new flag is raised on a flag pole that is attached to the side of the building.

A girl comes out of the building and holds the door open for other children.

The girl asks a boy to hold the door and joins the other children.

Dozens of children come out followed by an adult woman.

The woman helps a young girl off the steps.

The children and the woman hold their arms up to salute the flag.

The playground is in the background.

The children are in two lines and they file away from the playground.

The flag is raised again.

The children file out of the building again.

The children again salute the flag.

The children put their arms down and stand patiently on the lawn.

The children talk amongst themselves.

Breakfast at its best, and – glorious word – “seconds” on everything.

A woman is shown filling up a cup using a pitcher.

She fills up other cups on the table.

The woman smiles at the camera.

Another woman is also filling up cups at another table.

The children enter the building.

The children are seated at the tables, some have help from the woman.

The children stand behind the chairs and bow their heads.

The children sit down in the chairs.

An older girl helps some of the younger children into their chairs and pushes the chairs close to the table.

A woman helps the children to tuck napkins into the collars of their shirts.

Four children are seated at a table next to an open window.

The are easting and drinking.

Other children are shown at other tables.

Children are eating and drinking.

Two boys are raising their hands.

A woman brings the boys more food and drinks.

More children are shown eating and drinking.

A young girl dips her roll in her drink and then then continues eating and drinking.

“This is the way we brush our teeth” – but many are learning for the first time.

Children leave the building with cups in their hands.

The children gather on the lawn by the building.

The playground is in the background.

The children are lined up.

A woman pours a liquid into the cups that the children are holding.

The children brush their teeth with the liquid.

The children spit onto the ground.

The woman shows one of the boys the correct way to brush his teeth.

The woman shows another boy how to correctly brush his teeth.

The children continue to brush their teeth.

The children are walking away.

Teaching these children to help Mother and to help themselves is a part of the Camp’s routine.

A young boy takes items off his bed and puts them on another bed.

He tucks his sheets in and covers the bed with the blankets.

The boy folds some clothing and puts the pillow back on his bed.

The boy smooths his pillow.

Some girls are shown making their beds.

Other children also make their beds.

A young boy neatly makes his bed.

A woman and a boy are standing at the end of his bed.

The woman inspects a young boy, checking both sides of his hands, his chest and his mouth.

The woman checks another boy standing by the next bed.

A third boy is checked by the woman.

A boy is sweeping the floor of the room where the boys sleep.

A woman checks a girl who is standing by her bed.

Other girls are watching in the background.

A boy sweeps the floor.

These children glory in the open spaces – and in REAL SWINGS.

Children are swinging on a large swingset.

Children are swinging on a large swingset and using a large slide.

Close-up of children at the top of the slide.

Close-up of the children on the swingset.

Close-up of two girls by the swingset.

The older girl helps the younger girl onto the swing and then gently pushes her.

A big group of children, about a dozen, is gathered on the lawn.

An older girl is counting them.

The children are playing baseball,] [A small group of children are throwing a ball to each other.

Some of the children cach the ball and others drop it.

Children are playing on the playground, using the swings and the slide and running around.

Children are playing volleyball.

The swingset is shown again with children playing on it.

A woman is pushing a child on the swing.

A woman watches the children as they are playing.

Children are playing on the slide.

Children are playing on low bars that are in the ground.

One child is hanging from the bar by his knees, upside down.

But even play must be interrupted by the most important item on the program – FOOD: crackers and milk.

Children are lined up outside near the playground.

Adults hand the children crackers and the children take small bottles of milk.

Some children use straws with their milk.

The children are seated on the grass drinking their milk and eating their crackers.

One child is standing.

Close-up of the children seated on the grass drinking their milk and eating crackers.

Individual children are shown eating and drinking.

The children stand up after finishing their snacks.

The sun plays a large part in helping these children grow and gain strength.

Boys are coming out of the building with towels in their hands.

Two women are with them.

The boys are all wearing shorts with shoulder straps.

The boys go to the lawn and line up.

The boys spread out their towels and lie down on them.

A woman helps some of them.

The boys are all lined up on the lawn, lying on their towels face down.

The boys all turn over so that they are lying on their backs.

Close-up of two boys lying on their towels.

Close-up of two other boys lying on their towels.

Close-up of another boy on a towel.

Close-up of a boy wearing sunglasses lying on his towel.

Close-up of a young boy lying on his towel and smiling.

Close-ups of another boy.

One boy is standing on the lawn with his towel over his arm] [Other boys are shown with their towels over their arms.

Older boys are shown coming out of the building in shorts with towels.

One boy has the towel tied around his neck like a cape.

Girls come out of the building wearing only underwear and no tops.

Some of the girls use the towels to cover themselves.

The boys put their towels on the grass and lay down on them.

They turn over onto their stomachs.

The girls spread their towels on the lawn and lay down on them.

They all turn over so they are face down.

Dinner time finds the children with the appetites of farmers.

A table is set for dinner.

The plates and bowls have food on them and there is a plate of bread.

Someone is filling up the glasses.

The cups are all being filled with milk.

Children come into the dining room and stand by their chairs.

The children sit down at the tables.

The children eat and drink.

Food for the mind and food for the body – both are supplied during the daily story hour.

Children are seated on the lawn.

A woman is ladling something into bowls that the children are holding.

The woman reads from a book as the children eat.

The children eat while listening to the woman read.

Women and children are cooking hot dogs outside over a fire.

The hot dogs are in a pan which rests on some cinder blocks over an open fire.

Children are playing in a pile of sand.

They are digging in it.

Children play on bars at the playground.

Some are hanging on the bar with their knees while others are climbing on it or hanging from it.

Boys are whittling.

They have small knives and pieces of wood on the lawn.

A woman is supervising the boys as they whittle.

The boys show off what they have carved to the camera.

A boy is wrestling with a woman as she tries to playfully take something away from him.

Children are playing on the playground.

If this film has a lesson, let it tell each and all of you how much farther your dollars go when they help these children in this way to real life and health.

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