good frozen food for healthy

In the age of today’s modern teahouse, culinary products also continued to become more varied and modern. It is not surprising if many of us are fond of eating frozen food because it tastes delicious and the serving process is very practical.

Of the many frozen food that was popular, it was not a few frozen food that has less healthy nutrient content, the high fat content are supported with the use of a less quality raw materials makes frozen food into the kind of food that is not good if taken too often.
Frozen Food Food from Healthy Tiara

The present product development frozen food nutritious became one of focus made by Tiara Food. Frozeon food manufacturer located in Surabaya really paid attention to the existence of frozen food products that are healthy and halal. So, no wonder if manufacturers that already have a halal certificate is guaranteed its products free of MSG and preservatives so it is safe if consumed daily.
good frozen food for healthy life
To August 2015, Tiara has 10 kinds of Food products frozen foodfavorit that do not include a number of other variants of the frozen food. These products include chicken meatballs, beef meatballs, chicken strips, chicken nuggets, ebi furai cheese, Beef sausage, sausage cheese chicken, spicy chicken wings, chicken soup, and know the meatballs round. Now prepare a variety of dishes for the family we can do easily without worry with nutrient content in frozen food.

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Not only have the opportunity to sample the products frozen food healthier than Tiara Food, we can also establish a partnership as an agent, distributor, or reseller for food products produced by Tiara Food.
Why Partnering with Tiara Food?

There are some important things that make cooperation with Tiara Food can bring maximum benefit for us. The reasons are:

A large market share

Now modern society tend to like food consumption are practical but still nutritious. So the State is able to bring in new business opportunities in the field of frozen food. Frozen food products are able to meet the nutritional needs of the community and will always demand at any time.

Food product is always needed on a daily basis

Food is one of the basic needs in life. Because it is consumed on a daily basis, then the chance of repeat her order is certainly much higher than other types of products.

The use of high quality raw materials

Quality raw materials became one of the keys to success in the business of developing Food Tiara. Made with fresh meat or vegetables that are low fat and low cholesterol makes Tiara Food has always excelled as one of the producers of frozen food well in Indonesia.

Business capital is relatively small but profitable