How to care for teeth that are good and true

Everyone can certainly do the activities of brushing my teeth. From children to adults to know they must brush their teeth and do it as a mandatory daily habits. Whenever we do not brush your teeth then our teeth will be filled with germs that takes up the rest of the food is still stuck in our teeth.
How to care for teeth that are good and true
Did you know that the custom brush our teeth over this wrong? The point is how we in brushing my teeth turned out not including brushing my teeth is good and correct. Then rub the teeth such as what is good and true in order for our teeth stay healthy?

How To Rub The Tooth That Is Good And Right In Order To Keep Healthy Teeth
Brushing My Teeth

A good brushing my teeth tips
To answer your question, here we present information relating to how a good brushing my teeth and correctly so that the teeth remain healthy, yuk refer.

1. Reduce the use of toothpaste in the excessive amount
Use the toothpaste in the amount of the excess is indeed amateurish and could erode tooth email. Use toothpaste seukupnya just in order to keep your teeth clean without losing email.

2. Warnings, brush your teeth You for 45 minutes after consuming soda
Wow long time huh? Yes, it is true, as we are consuming soda then there is substance in the soda can make our teeth brittle and unhealthy. So it is recommended to rub the tooth for 45 minutes after we consume carbonated drinks.

3. rub the teeth with a soft
This technique may be many people left in brushing my teeth. They are sometimes too hard in scrubbing the teeth to injure the gums around the teeth. Of course it is not good for the health of teeth and gums. Sikatlah teeth slowly, regular and soft. In order for the rest of the food on the teeth that are not visible can take easy to clean. It also reduces the risk of sensitive teeth.

4. Brush your teeth one by one
Hmm maybe for those of you who have been regular do brush your teeth with the wrong way may be this fourth points quite complicate you. But if You want your teeth healthy, just do it. Brush your teeth thoroughly one by one so that your teeth are really clean and the cavity inside the mouth free from germs.

5. rub the teeth with vertical direction
Is this fifth on points is with a vertical direction while brushing my teeth, we can clean the dirt on the sidelines gears manually cleaned so uplifted and our teeth free from the rest of the food is one of the causes of dental pain.