How to Safely resolve the cause of the Sweat on a Baby

How to Safely resolve the cause of the Sweat on a Baby
What is a cause of sweat?
When a cause of perspiration on babies show up?

Cause of perspiration usually appear in the early weeks of the birth. Usually happens when the baby is exposed to temperatures that are hot and humid, too. Almost all infants can experience these events.

How to Safely resolve the cause of the Sweat on a Baby

Clinical symptoms cause sweat?

Cause perspiration or miliaria actually consists of three forms, namely miliaria, miliaria rubra, kristalina and miliaria deep lobes.

Miliaria kristalina characterized by the presence of small bubbles contained liquids huddle, measuring 1-2 mm, without any sign of inflammation. Mainly appeared on the Agency’s after much sweating, for example because of the hot air. Generally there are no complaints from patients.
Miliaria rubra is marked with red bubbles that are very itchy and painful. Cause sweat it heavier than kristalina miliaria. Usually occurs in people who are not regular live in tropical regions. The Agency and exists in the place that got the pressure or friction of clothes.
Miliaria deep lobes (in) is characterized by bubbles of white, hard, measuring 1 to 3 mm, usually arise after miliaria rubra. Usually occurs on the body and a secondary. Due to the layout of the retention of sweat, then usually a lot more solid than the bubbles that contain fluid. No itching and redness are also colorless.

In General, this is not a cause of perspiration felt painful for the baby. Miliaria rubra, however for the itching is usually very annoying, can even appear itching like impaled and Stung to make babies become fussy. In some cases, a bubble appears also feels painful when touched.

How to safely resolve the cause of the sweat on a baby?

How to safely resolve the cause of the sweat on a baby is very easy. Because it is essentially a cause of perspiration does not need to be treated specifically. The treatment of the most important and first is by way of avoiding its originators factor, in this case of course the excess hot and humid.

Cause of perspiration can recover in a few days. However there are a few tips for mothers at home to reduce complaints of itching and discomfort felt by your babies, among other things:

Try to reduce or avoid hot and humid air. Bring the baby into the room with good ventilation so that the air is much in or into the shade. Could use a small fan if you bring your baby into the area where temperature is hot. If the air in the evening also feels the heat, can use the fan so that the air circulation in the room cooler.

Remove the baby clothes are damp and replace with clothing that absorbs sweat. Avoid using materials that don’t absorb sweat and even absorb heat like nylon, satin. We recommend using fabrics that are thin, airy and absorbing perspiration like cotton. Remove the baby clothes that are moist and avoid clothes that are too tight.

Topical drugs

Can use calamine lotion to soften the skin of infants and reduces the sense of gatalnya. The granting of this lotion helps if the baby looks fussy and crying when you touch his skin.