illustration of employee performance indicators

illustration of employee performance indicators
illustration of employee performance indicators
1. Safety

Factory employees can work in a number of work units, such as packaging, production, instruments, and equipment maintenance. No matter where the unit works, according to the experts the first performance indicator is safety (safety).

How to assess this indicator? You can count them on the basis of:

The amount of kecelekaan work dialamai employee (e.g. a value of 100 to the accident did not work)
The use of tools working salvation (for example, the value 100 to employees who always use safety)
Work safety training (for example, a value of 100 for the employees who followed all safety training annual)

2. The presence of

Presence can also be used as the main performance indicator. Why? Because of the presence of related to productivity and employee motivation is concerned. Usually, the presence of votes by percentage of attendance form.

This percentage is influenced by:

Mangkir work
Come on time
Not working due to illness or other reasons

3. Work productivity

Indicators of work productivity can be based on goals or targets daily and monthly charged to employees of the factory. For example, an employee of the laboratory unit factory was given the goal to analyze 100 samples a day.

To track productivity works, you can create a checklist card or controller productivity per employee needs to fill. At the end of the work day, the controller card should the supervisor was signed (supervisor) so objective.

Other examples of indicators of productivity are:

The number of products between generated
The number of products produced
Number of products that are packaged
The number of calibrated tools
Number of tool is fixed
Treated tool Jumnlah

4. Teamwork

Other indicators that can be used to evaluate the performance of the employees of the factory is teamwork (team work). In theory, this indicator is quite difficult to measure it because the generally abstract. However, you can judge it based on:

The achievement of the goals of the team
The progress of the projects that involve cross-departmental employees
The number of conflicts antarkaryawan

5. Customer Service

Work in any unit, usually have customers, either internal or external. The same is true on the factory’s employees usually have internal customers. For example, the factory laboratory work units have internal customers of the work unit production or packaging.

To assess customer service indicators, you can enter the following:

The number of customer complaints
The complaint resolution time
The timeliness of the work sample customers
The number of external customers

6. Budgetary Management

The management of the budget is an indicator of the performance of the employees of the factory to the supervisor level to the top. Why these indicators are important? Because the management of the budget with regard to efficiency. The more efficient the better.