launching the new nano spray version 3

NSH-After lounching premieres in March 2015, the Nano version 3 Spray instantly get enthusiastic from the prospective consumers who wish to have the artificial beauty of Japan. With a design that the more elegant and luxurious, the company MCI (Millionaire Club Indonesia) as the sole Distributor of Nano Spray in Indonesia always provide the latest innovation for the sake of satisfaction to the users after using the tool.
PT. MCI (Millionaire Club Indonesia) officially issued the Latest Spray Nano price list with details as follows: nano spray 3 testimoni Given the large number of consumers who just want to buy a Nano Spray course, PT. MCI issued a unit price Nano Spray Spray Nano version 3 and version 2 as follows:

For the price of the Nano version 3 Spray is sold with a unit price of Rp 2.100.000,-.
For the price of Nano Spray version 2 is sold with a unit price of Rp 1.700.000,–

Note: (you are not registered to become a Member at MCI)

Nano Spray 3

While the price of Package Nano Spray, PT. MCI issued a list of Package Nano Spray with details as follows:

Nano Spray V3 + V2 + Magic Stick 1 Box Glucola for Rp. 3,000,000,-
Nano Spray Bioglass V2 + V3 + 1 Box Glucola 3.100.000 for Rp.,-
Nano Spray V3 + 3 Box Glucola for Rp. 3.050.000,-
2 Spray Nano V3 + Magic Stick V2 for Rp. 4.300.000,-
Nano Spray Spray Nano V2 + V3 + Magic Stick V2 for Rp. 4,200,000,-
Nano-Spray V3 2 + 2 Box Glucola aeharga Rp 4. 300.000,-
Nano Spray V3 + 3 Tube Glucola Gel + 3 Box Glucola 4,200,000 for Rp.,-

Note: your direct registered a Member of MCI and has the right to follow the business of MCI.

For more details take a look at the list price of the latest Nano Spray MCI HERE

Partly Mungin from you opined that the list price of the Nano Spray above the expensive. Rightly so, because the Nano Spray using high technology of Japan. A technological innovation which is certainly not cheap.

The actual price is not expensive if you compare it with the facial treatments in beauty and facial care clinic which is of course the cost is not cheap. Every week or every month if you do facial care surely right is more expensive if you use Nano Spray. Why is this so?

By using Nano Spray from MCI, you can simply buy one time only. Because the materials used Nano Spray namely oxygenated water can refill by your own and you can use a lifetime as well as feel its benefits forever if you continue to use it. Now with the above price is very cheap, more efficient is it actually?

The prominence Nano Spray version 3

Design more elegant compared to the previous version, with the size of cashing a larger facility to cover the engine with a high round.
Nano-sized particles of water produced 1/3 smaller than the previous version made a smoother output and be very easily absorbed by the skin.
More practical with the micro usb charger slot was campatible with charger mayoriritas samartphone.
Filter technology used to use Filter System which is the ALNICO best technology in Japan at this time.
Water storage tube that is larger than the previous version in order to use Nano Spray you can do at any time, and anywhere you want to.
Change the cover on the tube so it makes it easy to do a refill without without having to fill out a refill botle in advance
Battery Changer using NS3 set where you can find out the condition of the battery without having to over-charger.

The benefits of using Nano-Spray version 3

Brighten your face and helps to prevent premature aging
Moisturizes and protects the sensitive skin.
Shrink skin pores on the face so the face looks clean and youthful.
Facial skin tightening
Remove the black spots on the face
Disguise dark circles under the eyes
Get rid of acne and acne scars on the face
Whiten the skin especially in the armpits, elbows an crotch
Lift the blackheads

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