Method 2: use a topical application (Addressing Simultaneously Prevent)

Method 2: use a topical application (Addressing Simultaneously Prevent)

Topical application of the intent is to use ingredients that are worn directly on the lips, a more complete explanation as follows:
use a topical application (Addressing Simultaneously Prevent)
Apply a moisturizer. Use a moisturizer will help keep lips hydrated and absorbs moisture more easily. Moisturizing is an essential part to keep lips moist and prevent dryness. The following materials can be used as pelembar lips:

Vitamin E Oil
Coconut Oil

Use lip balm. Lip balm or more commonly known by the term lip balm will quicken the resolve cracked lips and prevent it in the future. Lip balms also helps moisturize and protect the lips against irritation.

Apply lip balm every one or two hours to mengatasu lips dry and chapped.
Use balm with SPF at least 16 to save the lip sunburn.
Apply chapstick only after you have applied moisturizer.

resolve cracked lips

Try using Vaseline. Vaseline can help protect your lips. Use Vaseline may also help protect against sunlight, which can make the lips dry and cracked. Vaseline will only help to close her lips against further damage or dryness. Vaseline will not moisturize the lips.

Method 3: Avoiding Irritation

Do not use a lipstick with the dye. Stop using lipstick with the dye in the event of an allergic reaction. If you suspect an allergy occurs then use the little. Always read labels when purchasing a new lipstick and avoid dyes that cause allergic reactions.

Don’t lick the lips Licked her lips would cause the lips more chapped. Although it may seem this helps keep the remains wet and moist, but it turns out it really makes the lips more chapped and dry. Use moisturizers instead.

Do not wring or biting lips. Biting lips removes their protective which causes further drying. Give it a chance to heal with no lip bite bite.

Avoid certain foods. Spicy and acidic foods can irritate the lips. Note your lips after eating and looking for signs of irritation. If it is found then avoid these foods, for example food causes irritation amongst other things:

Chili or chili sauce.
Very acidic foods such as tomatoes.
Sour mango and others.

That’s a few steps that you can do to cope with dry lips and chapped and preventive measures. GOOD LUCK!!!
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