Minimalist yet creative home office

The rise of online-based business makes a lot of people work from home. Yes, it is not necessary to the Office every day, need not be tied to hours of work, and not necessarily ruled by superiors. Currently, the effort can be controlled from the home only with a computer or laptop and internet network. No wonder the simple minimalist house type 36 pun was enough to be a place to live and run jasa renovasi rumah online  a business. Work from home? Why not?
Home Office in minimalist House Simple Type 36-Nubolo

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Houses type 36 does have limited extents. Although small, with great creativity, you can create ‘ working space ‘ which is comfortable and not boring. Yes, creativity is indeed necessary; If not, you will quickly get tired, especially if most of your time is spent in front of the computer. Then, how do I put my home office in minimalist home design simple type 36 narrow or impress her without suffocating? Refer to the following description:
Minimalist yet creative home office-Shutterstock

One of the most popular ideas to put a home office in minimalist houses type 36 was appearing with the family room. Indeed, simple minimalist house type model 36 is small with limited land does not allow you to assign a specific workspace. So, using one corner of the family room can be the solution.
The home office in the living room-Nubolo

The home office in the living room – Nubolo

Note the example picture above; home office merges with the family room. The owners put the shelves and desk adjacent to the window. In this way, you get a steady supply of light and fresh air while working during the day. However, make sure the Bookshelf didn’t cover window. For that, you probably need a specially designed cabinets according the available space.
Hidden Home Office

How can the home office could have disguised his existence? Yes, you can use the hybrid concept to your workspace. Here’s how you can order special furniture home office Cabinet, with shaped doors that could be opened-closed. When not in use, the door can be closed, so it will look like an ordinary wardrobe. However, as you work, then your workspace opens, and it stored equipment, such as computers, desks, book collection, a printer, and even ornaments or other decorations. Creative right?
Hidden home office-Stylisheve

If you have a home type 36 2 floors, then the area under the staircase is usually the free space you can take advantage of as a comfortable working place. In this way, a simple, minimalist home interior type 36 can you design efficiently; no space is wasted. You could mendekorasinya with a hanging shelves and desk custom-made tailored fit the shape of the room available.

In conclusion, the limitations of space in a simple minimalist houses type 36 shouldn’t hinder your creativity. Small home office can be a ‘ workspace ‘. You can mendekorasinya as a spot where objects or collections, family photos, or your favorite book displayed neatly.