Nicholas struggles Kurniawan really heavy since he was a kid

who would have thought Nicholas Kurniawan was a son of the family that once was experiencing economic hardship. Maybe you all don’t believe it, but the reality is indeed the case. Nicholas Kurniawan grew up from poor families even to finance his school his parents had to find hutangan. Mediocre earnings from both parents of Nicholas, utilized as well as possible for the needs of his son #pendidikan.

Nicholas struggles Kurniawan really heavy since he was a kid

Nicholas struggles Kurniawan really heavy since he was a kid. Nicho so familiar he called, often feel sorry for her parents because they are often humiliated because of the magnitude of their debt responsibilities. Because seeing it happen often, so from a young Nicholas Kurniawan was determined to be a successful person and could boast of his parents.

Familiar With Failure Since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL


Nicholas Kurniawan is the figure of the hard-working and tireless since childhood. He even has begun selling since the age of 8 years, since he was in elementary school. Not just once or twice he experienced a failure in running a business. But he never even had a mind to desist from doing business.


Though still in elementary school, but Nicholas Kurniawan has been trying to start a business even though it was still small in scale. He’s been selling food and drink, but did not last long and could be said to fail.


He then started again but changed their product, this time he sells clothes but just the same, he also experienced a failure in this business. Although often fail, but Nicho does not want to be called a failure, he preferred to call it have not yet found the right way to achieve success.


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Turning Point Business Nicholas Kurniawan


From various areas of the business which he lives and has found its way to the failure, at the age of 17 years he discovered a very large effort #peluang. In that time he was in grade 2 in SMA Kolese Kanisius. This originated from a friend which gives the fish a package of doctor fish that is commonly used for a wide range of therapies. Well, because he felt the fish not too useful to him, he was just trying to sell them on the Forum for trading in Kaskus.


Without he guess before, it turns out that the doctor fish fish enthusiasts he post on Kaskus very much at all. In just a matter of hours, the fish that he has sold and still offer many people menawarnya. Viewed from an extraordinary response from buyers, he later studied more deeply about this fish. Then he didn’t forget to ask his friend from where he gets the fish. From there he got his supplier for the fish doctor fish which he resold online through #Kaskus.

Business Development and the birth of Venus Brand Aquatics


From managing the business of buying and selling fish Garra Rufa, Nicho is capable of producing 2-3 million rupiah per month. Then his business is growing not just focus on one type of fish, but cleared on all types of ornamental fish.


Armed with the knowledge that he can from pekuliahan, he later developed its business and build a brand with the name Venus Aquatics. From the brand that he woke up, he was able to gain an infusion of hundreds of millions of dollars every month. And he was able to sell the fish to various areas in Indonesia and even abroad.


Although from a business activity through a brand he developed has already managed to get a huge income, but Nicho does not want to stop until there only. Along with its campus, it wants to transmit viral success in doing business on a sister-sister of his HIGH SCHOOL through the Synergy of entrepreneurship Academy. Synergy Entrepreneur Academy is a concept of initiation for provide business #startup workshop for high school students. From here the Nicho Kurniawan hope able to print 5 million new entrepreneurs.


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The Principle Business Of Nicholas Kurniawan


In running a business, he emphasizes that he is always holding the value of perseverance or persistence.


Without it, it’s very difficult to get success in doing business. In the course of a business, there must have been times when disaster comes. He himself once told me that once cheated by his partner’s own worth 30 million on developing its business. But with the tenacity that he had, he was able to rise and even now has greater assets