Plastic packaging is one of the most widely used

Plastic packaging is one of the most widely used by the public in the industrialized world industries. It was easily made it into producing food, drinks and more. The use of the plastic itself is rated very mengutungakan producers because of the already low prices we can get.

Most of us consider plastic for packaging there is no difference between one another, whereas plastic is made to the use of the packaging. There is a plastic that is made specifically for a particular product and should not be used for other types of products. For example, a plastic bottle, made by the manufacturer with a specific code.

Many of kemasan ukm online us especially small industries using plastics out of place. Plastic black Crackle that is often used as the wrapper fried foods, plastic cups used for boiling water, bottles of mineral water that other side of sunlight per day, as well as the use of plastic waste to make ketupat, is an example of the use of plastic packaging is wrong and very dangerous. The result of the use of plastic that does not comply with this functionality, it is feared will happen the transfer of chemical components from plastic into food.

Some of the plastic packaging material is derived from the polyvinylchlorida polypropilen polyetilen if burned or heated may pose dioxin, a substance which is very toxic and is a cause of cancer and can reduce a person’s immune system.
Plastic packaging is one of the most widely used
2. Paper

In addition to plastic, paper food packaging tool also. However there are some papers that should not be made for packaging, paper is mainly of the former (such as former magazine or newspaper). Paper has writing that made of ink and detected to contain lead (Pb) that exceed the limit.
Inside the human body, lead entering through the respiratory tract or the digestive tract towards the circulatory system, and then spread to many different network lainseperti the kidneys, liver, brain, nerves and bones.
3. Cans

Now more and more food and drinks packaged in cans. Generally products that are packaged in cans will be missing freshness, nutritional value also dropped due to the processing with high temperatures.
On its use, cans should be coated with Tin (Sn) and coating systems are very tight and there should be no slightest pore orifice. Cans (template) this should be coated with enamel if to be used for foods that are easy to corrode (rust). the main danger of canned food that is the growth of Clostridium botulinum can cause foodborne botulinin.
Signs of poisoning include throat botulinin into berkunang-kunang eyes and stiff, a seizure that brought death because of difficult breathing. Normally these bacteria grow on food cans that are not perfect of processing or on cans that leaked so the food inside is contaminated air from the outside.