Suzuki Suzuki GSX has long been in the world

S1000- Suzuki Suzuki GSX has long been in the world Harga motor Yamaha Terbaru   of motor sport. Motor-bike also become a mainstay of the bikers who want the speed and stability of the motor. Harga  motor Well recently S1000 Suzuki GSX his photographs began to spread across the internet. Motor sport 1000cc engine looks dashing enough current to drive and sporty design for naked sport bike type.


But the photos of Suzuki GSX-S1000 is unclear because only scattered spyshoot Western media. Of shape anyway if Mas Sena see very revealing typical street fighter motorcycle bold and tough.

suzuki gsx S1000

Suzuki GSX S1000 itself is a naked version of the Suzuki motor sport is legendary GSX-R1000. This motor is known as a racing bike with a full fairing high-speed engine that reaches a capacity of 1000cc. Well this is the Suzuki GSX-S1000 manufacturer Suzuki trying to make a naked version remake that look dashing with a driving position that looks more upright. Remained essentially the same for the chassis and engine with 4 cylinders.

suzuki gsx latest S1000

It does deserve being called a streetfighter with full features as equipped with a braking system ABS and Traction Control are the Suzuki GSX S1000 makes it stable while driving. Other stunning features must also be embedded in the Suzuki GSX-S1000 this. But because it is still stored with the meeting by Suzuki, Mas Sena can not share deh for you.

According to rumors Suzuki GSX S1000 will be opened to the public in the fall of 2014. How can not wait to see Suzuki motorcycle streetfighter style is proudly drove on the streets of Indonesia? Hehe, Mas Sena also can not wait to feel the greatness of this motorcycle. So let us wait for the official release party Suzuki Suzuki GSX-S1000ini. See also Honda CBR150R Indonesia.