Security Gap Could Threaten Millions Of Smartphone Samsung Galaxy

Such detail information email is received, the phone number, flight status, photos, and all attachments will be displayed without having to open Your e-mail inbox. You can also find out the subject of emails without having to open and read email terlebuh first because it’s been categorised automatically by Google Inbox.
Features Of Google Inbox
Security Gap Could Threaten Millions Of Smartphone Samsung Galaxy
Trip Bundles

Some of the features of Google is the Inbox, you can view other information such as flight schedule information then hotel reservation along with the attractions we visit when we get incoming email after we do the booking airline tickets. This feature is called Trip Bundles. This feature is intended to make it easier for users who will be traveling.

Trip Bundles

Google Inbox also allows you to be able to make a reservation directly hotel or restaurant, order a room and food directly from the #smartphone of you who have installed Google Inbox. Up to this time the feature has yet to be felt by users in Indonesia. Hopefully in the near future this feature could already be felt in Indonesia.

Undo Send

Other features that exist on Google Inbox and more interesting is you can retract the e-mail which you have submitted (Undo Send). With this feature you can cancel the emails that you have sent earlier. So suppose you send email you directly can cancel it shortly after You send the email.


The sweep feature was first presented by microsoft through one of his email service hotmail IE. Although Google Inbox using the same name but Google Inbox has a way of working that much different. Use Google Inbox, you can delete or archive your email based on the email category. With Google Inbox all emails there will be categorised automatically without needing to bother – bother we sort it.


You often get an email at midnight, and you lazy to read it. With Snooze feature is Ana can set time and email will go to fit the time you have set.

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Priview is a feature that allows you to view the contents of Your email attachments without having to open the entire email in advance. For this feature of Google has supported a variety of document formats, such as images, spreadsheets, #video and others for this feature.

With this application your activities in accessing the email will be much more pleasant and efficient. You will get interesting experience while using this application. How interested try Inbox? You can directly use it via your smartphone when you download it. You can also enjoy this service through your web browser by accessing (

This Security Gap Could Threaten Millions Of Smartphone Samsung Galaxy

Smartphone samsung galaxy

When hearing the word smartphone #Android, one of the things that instantly comes to mind we must brand Samsung. Major brand original Korea does successfully dominate the smartphone market Android through the variety innovation of its products. Even some Asian countries rely on the smartphone Samsung as one of the tightest bersain technology device with the iPhone from Apple.