Specifications and Price Yamaha GT125 Garuda

Specifications and Price Yamaha GT125 Garuda – Harga Motor kawasaki Terbaru Yamaha really do not want to miss a moment to take advantage of Indonesia’s Independence Day with a series of automatic motor gliding tebarunya. Harga motor honda terbaru  Yamaha GT125 Garuda name, taken from the philosophy of the eagle emblem to symbolize the triumph of Indonesia. Special variants of GT125 for Indonesia is designed specifically for the Yamaha to represent the sense of Indonesian nationalism.

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This motor is designed in a way that does not leave the impression of sporty and energetic of Mio GT12 Eagle Eye instead the impression of added dashing and elegant eagle with the philosophy inherent in this Yamaha automatic motor. What is special about the price of a Yamaha again this Garuda GT125 is not too expensive compared to standard variant. Intrigued by this Garuda GT125? Let us discuss here with Mas Sena.

yamaha gt125 eagle

Yamaha GT125 launched in Sentul, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia right after the Independence Day on August 18, 2014 special Yamaha Motor matic was designed by the great designers of the Yamaha are collaborating with several professors from the University of March. It took 8 months for Yamaha Yamaha GT125 Garuda to design this from a concept into a real embodiment. Garuda automatic motor itself is a development of the previous GT125 has been selling in the market with an elegant concept and the highest caste of Yamaha automatic motor. Well right in the celebration of Indonesia’s 69th independence is the Yamaha launched Yamaha GT125 charismatic. Let us look at the specifications along with Mas Sena.

Specifications Yamaha GT125 Garuda
The Yamaha is absolutely brilliant in capturing the design of the GT125 Garuda Indonesia is so flavors can seem thick but still modern. This is evidenced from the Yamaha GT125 specifications in terms of design Garuda choose stripping bird Garuda as the basis of the concept strippingnya. For business front body cover Yamaha chose Garuda head in position ready to pounce as strippingnya. Then to the side of the body cover Yamaha GT125 wing of Garuda Garuda chosen image with accent stripes firm to illustrate that this automatic motorcycle like bird Garuda gallant and dignified. Yamaha automatic motor that takes the jargon “Ride with Pride to Yamaha GT125 Garuda, The Spirit of Indonesia” is increasingly felt thick and bold with the 2 colors srtipping on the Garuda GT125 specification Yamaha Red and Gold.

specification yamaha gt125 eagle

Gold and red color chosen on Garuda GT125 specification Yamaha it to symbolize the fighting spirit of Indonesia. The red color is taken from the flag depicting the heritage of courage and struggle. While gold color implies wealth and grandeur of Indonesia as a nation. To shape and features Yamaha’s own Garuda GT125 GT125 still adopt from Eagle Eye like eagle eye headlight design, a variety of advanced features such as Smart Key Shutter, Smart Stand Switch, and Smart Lock System. From the specification Yamaha GT125 Garuda Mas Sena can see if the Yamaha just changed strippingnya course of this special edition with more patterned Indonesia and no enhancer feature.

As previously noted, if the specification Yamaha Garuda GT125 is only changing the design strippingnya alone. So to keep the same engine with Eagle Eye GT125 is using the engine capacity of 125cc with YM JET-FI technology capable of spewing power up to 11.4 PD / 9000 rpm. As for the torque alone can achieve a maximum power of 10.4 NM / 6500 rpm. In addition, the engine is also fuel efficient with a liquid-cooled. For the specification Yamaha tank capacity of 3.8 liters GT125 Garuda itself would be enough to sustain your long trip.

Yamaha GT125 Garuda
After Mas Sena was trying to tell you what are the changes made to the GT125 Yamaha Garuda Mas Sena is now time to let the price of Yamaha GT125 sold at the Garuda Indonesia. Judging from this review this bike look more bold and Indonesia flavored with strippingnya that takes the concept of Garuda. Although strippingnya depicts Garuda yet modern and dashing impression remains attached to the GT125 Yamaha Garuda which is a special edition of The GT125 Eagle Eye. But the one hand there are many changes made to this bike Yamaha. For features and shape do not change at all, only the replacement of the current stripping are more distinctively Indonesian. Well then what is the price of Yamaha’s GT125 Garuda?

yamaha price gt125 eagle

It feels you are interested to bring home this special edition GT125 motorcycle home quite happy, because Yamaha does not membandrol this special edition with prices soaring price of the standard variant. For the price of Garuda GT125 officially Yamaha Yamaha sells only the difference in price of 100 thousand dollars higher than the standard variant. For the standard version of the GT125 alone in Indonesia marketed at a price of Rp 15,900,000, -. So to have this Garuda GT125 you do not have to prepare a budget that is excessive because the price of Garuda GT125 Yamaha only has a little price difference from the standard variant. How do my friends quite interested in automatic motor Indonesian sense this? See also Honda CBR150R Indonesia.