the excitement of Inviting elementary school children Learn

Oh and Young Sang Cho said they chose features that let children have a more tactical experience instead of just dragging and dropping things on the iPad screen them.

“Mechanical Features, such as form merging together aims to emphasize the physical creation. We want the children to feel like they’re building a body that can move and live, not just to draw on the screen or on paper, “Oh and Young said in an interview.
Where Did The Inspiration Of Creation Of Shapekit?

the excitement of Inviting elementary school children Learn

Both of these men, the Young and Oh Sang Cho draws inspiration for the look of the ShapeKit and bright color palettes from Paul Klee and Ladislav Sutnar, both highly influenced by the Bauhaus aesthetics. While the science of the best art school donated its impact on graphic design and architecture Shapekit, Oh and Cho noted that many early twentieth century artists to make games and toys for children.

In fact, the children’s product which is the ideal medium for modernist design principles, which allow an object’s function dictate his performance. “As designers, we have to realize that creativity is the result of a set of simple rules and constraints that most often attract attention,” said Oh and Cho.

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We hope to see similar results with the user ShapeKit, who may be initially attracted to the 3D graphics through their favorite characters and then find this exploration became more creative and stimulating imaginative children. ”

How? interesting isn’t it, this application will really help Your sons and daughters to make animation in a way that is fun. Hopefully this article useful and inspiring to the perpetrators in Indonesia to provide startup applications of this kind to help educate the nation.
Email access is now easier and the maximum


Google is indeed notable as a giant #internet who love to innovate with all strength. Innovations born always attract the attention of the pop world of technology. Various innovations have been born like Volta, Project, Project, Project Ara Soli until Project Jacquard.

In October last year #Google announced the existence of a service named Google Inbox. Impressed only judging from the name, however interesting or at least let’s review a little about Google Inbox.
What is Google Inbox

Google Inbox or can we call with only Inbox is an application that will make it easier for You to access electronic mail (email) you in Gmail. In addition to the ease in access, this service will also provide complete information related #email you get.

At the time of the first launch, the service can only be used for users who get an invitation directly from Google Inbox. But now the owners of a Gmail account can use the Service Inbox Googgle directly without waiting for the invitation again. You just need to download the application Inbox on Play Store and then integrate application Inbox in your Gmail service.

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How To Work Google Inbox

Google Inbox is not a substitute for #aplikasi mobile Gmail but rather as additional applications for existing Gmail application. Google Inbox will automatically classify incoming e-mail and then mark the portions of the content on the email containing an important information.