The functions of Packaging and packaging 2015

The most fundamental function of packaging is to accomodate and protect products from damage-damage, so the more easily stored, transported and marketed. In general the functions of packaging on the food ingredients are:

Connects the product during distribution from the manufacturer up to kekonsumen, so that products are not scattered, especially for liquid, pasta or granules
Protect and preserve products, such as protect from ultraviolet light, heat, humidity, oxygen, banging, contamination from dirt and microbes that can undermine and degrade the quality of the product.

As the identity of the product, in this case the packaging can be used as a tool ofcommunication and information to consumers through the label found on the packaging.
Improve the efficiency of, for example: simplify the calculation (one packaging containing 10, 1 dozen, 1 gross and so forth), facilitate the delivery and storage. This is important in world trade.

The functions of Packaging and packaging

Protect the bad influence from outside, protect the bad influence of product in it, for example if the product is packaged in the form of a sharp-smelling product, or harmful products such as hard water, toxic gases and products can pass the color, then with the packing of this product can protect other products around it.
Expand the use and marketing of products, for example the sale of soy sauce and syrup has increased as a result of the use of plastic bottles.


Adding to the appeal of potential buyers
Means of information and advertising
Give comfort to the wearer.

The function of the 6th, 7th and 8th is an additional function of the packaging, but with the increasing competition in the food industry, this additional function is even more highlighted, so the appearance of the packaging must be downright attractive to prospective buyers, with how to make:

Multi color print and shiny so engaging and memorable luxury
Can impress contains quality products and expensive
Engineering design of their vessels makes it easy for users
Engineering design techniques always follow its date so that products be labeled with the last development was impressed.

In addition to the above functions, the packaging also has a vital role in the food industry, namely:

Identity identifier/product identity
Decorating products Hardware monitor
Media promotion

contoh kemasan produk donat Media guidance or instructions on how to use and benefits of the product is in it
For Government packaging can be used as consumer protection efforts
For the consumer packaging can be used as a source of information about the content/product, and this is needed in making a decision to buy the product or not.

So the importance of packaging in trade, making each manufacturers continue to innovate creates packaging-packaging that is functional and attractive.