The importance of eco-friendly packaging

The results from various surveys and statistics reveal that consumers around the world have been increasingly aware of the importance of recycling and packaging it for the environment. Aspects of consumer behavior is supported with government regulation in many countries will take control of the companies, especially the product managers and marketers to use the packaging or packaging environmentally-green (green packaging). But the terms green packaging, packaging is recycled, eco-friendly packaging and eventually just became a slogan much used today. And therefore, the procurement of environmentally friendly packaging material even from a trusted company though, often can be difficult.

Eco-friendly packaging

the importance of eco-friendly packaging
It is important to instill in your mind, that this is not solely a problem of the method of production or process waste treatment methods. Entrepreneurs should have a broad perspective and comprehensive on how to produce something products that don’t damage the environment, and this is the key points that can be used as consideration in making decisions about what packaging material will be used:

Whether the material can be recycled? If Yes, is it only in part or whole?
Whether the material was derived from sources which can be updated again?
Whether its product can decompose in the ground/decompose biologically?

The above three points are fundamental factors and become a very important part in the decision-making process. Other than that, companies or businesses that use ingredients that should also evaluate the vendors or providers (suppliers) involved, will be the following:

Process and production methods what applied by prospective vendors, it is also about how the packaging material delivery method.
For a product to be exporting company to the United States, the packaging of the shipment should absolutely meet the rules of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
As for the product to be exporting company to European countries, must meet the rules of the EU (European Union) and the wide range of demands of the retail Association (retailer scoreboard).

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Some of the points that must be considered in decisions about the use of eco-friendly food packaging material:

Whether your packaging materials that can reduce the size and weight of the finished product compared with using materials already used now?
What is the use of materials that are able to raise the percentage of wastewater that can be reused and recycled ability raise he repeated?
How the magnitude of the percentage levels of recycling of the material and the percentage of the source material that could be updated?
Whether its use will increase the aesthetic value of the product and also the efficient use of logistiknya?