The material and the type of fabric that is suitable for clothes

The material and the type of fabric that is suitable for clothesLight Weight Wools
In your head, wool may directly synonymous with heavy materials, for Light Weight Wools, true to its name thiswool belongs to light and can be combined with just about anything. the fall of any unsightly dibadan. The extended fabric is somewhat “recalcitrant” aka hardiness (durable).

The ingredients to make a shirt. It is usually combined with the vest work implemented in Light Weight Wools.

This material is classified as a luxurious, with Prime quality, do not be surprised if frills price tagnya else belongs to the drain bag. Combined with elegant skirts or jeans, Cashmere still look fancy and expensive. Increasingly often in the wash, this material will be more subtle, but note first, not just any washing because any done washing it with shampoo.

Lycra is usually combined with other fabrics, because its content is only a few percent only. But the fabrics are made from lycra elements will be more durable kerapiannya elastic lycra because the nature is rich in plastic.

Better known as Lycra which is a trade mark of Du Pont. Has high elasticity, strong and has a high resistance rubbing. Spandex is a synthetic fiber types have better elasticity of the rubber. Fabric spandex could reach the level of elasticity with the pull of up to 500%.

Spandex. or elastane is a synthetic material made from polymer containing polyurethane (a sort of super pliable synthetic material). Generate a texture similar to a thin, rubber elastic attached to tight in the body, and glossy. Spandex is stronger and hardiness than rubber materials.

In the market the term spandex is used in America and Europe, and specifically in the United Kingdom known as the lycra. Product trademarks include Lycra spandex material, Elaspan, Linel, ESPA. Is it comfortable to wear spandex? If it absorbs sweat? Depending on the selected type of spandex. A nice spandex have pores so as to absorb the sweat. The easiest way to select it, if it is touched with the hand/arm feels adem, if held not slick or too shiny, does that mean the spandex comfortable to wear.

Lycra spandex trademarks is convenient because it contains cotton, silk, polyester, or other synthetic materials. Lycra shiny, tend not to be attached to tight in the body because it is pliable. Lycra was first developed by Du Pont in 1958, as an alternative to a corset from rubber.
Polymer chain containing Lycra with elastic materials more so comfortable wear. Light, stretchy Lycra, absorbs sweat, comfortable.
If washed dry fast and resistant to bacteria, ultra violet rays (UV), khlorin (a type of liquid bleach, among others used in the pool, so that the water of the pool crystal clear anyway).

Lycra used to dress in a swimsuit, athletic, dress, also for the purposes of special shirt orthopedic (bone-related). One of the latest findings is lycra black (black lycra ® spandex; in black lycra are also anti-smudging) are used as the main material of the dress in the top class.

Leather Suede &
Certainly both very familiar in your ears, it is not impossible, from pants, purse, until your shoes ever made of these materials. Both actually equally made of leather. only, Leather made from the skin outward, while the Suede is created from the skin in. Looking for a smooth and not stiff. For two of these materials, you will need a special treatment technique to clean it.
For Leather, select a matte for an expensive and elegant impression. shiny even memorable Bimbo.