The Success Of The Elections Caused A Dairy Business

Indeed success in business can be achieved by running any business. Not always running modern business could produce success. Traditional business such as dairy cattle now is still a lucrative business. One clear example is the successful dairy businessman Sayfudin Zuhri.

Men’s original Regency Pasuruan, East Java this successfully manage its business so that it develops into a great business. Sayfudin Zuhri’s own live dairy cattle business accounting is long, which is about thirteen years.

He studied dairy farms directly from his parents, who are also dairy farmers. Armed with the success that he get with dairy cattle business, Sayfudin Zuhri is now a role model for other breeders in Pasuruan. Man this is not reticent supel dividing science and experience in berternak on the breeder was new. How the story more information, check out his review below.
Starting From Interest In The World Of Livestock

Sayfudin Zuhri’s own business travel began when she was 22 years old at the time. His parents own a dairy farmers simply make it inspired to follow in his footsteps as dairy farmers.

The desire of following in the footsteps of such parents also because the interest is so desirous of encouragement with the world farms. Its totality in learning to be a dairy farmers are really high. All the things she pelajarinya carefully, starting from the feed, the cleanliness of the cages, the way a good milking, cow care and others.

Then, while still a pupil’s parents, Sayfudin have two cows as initial capital. Later in the year to seven times “education”, Sayfudin has had seven cows. This means that there is a progression of cattle perahnya of initial capital of only two cows.

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Of the seven male dairy cows that he had, he mentions is enough to raise a family. But he doesn’t want to stop there only. He continues to want to grow and more advanced.
Resilient and High Motivation to make Business Growing

Desire and motivation Sayfudin to advance and evolve it never turns off. He continued to study and learn how do dairy cattle business that he could continue to develop going forward. Of the two later evolved into seven tails, now a dairy owned by Sayfudin reaching fifty.

Of the fifty cows that he keep it, not everything he raised himself. This is because the land where he maintains that only four hectares is considered too narrow for all the cows. So some dairy cows he leave her on others in some places with the system for the results.

In addition because of the narrow, Sayfudin also contended that the pattern of such partnerships, he could be happier because it could share with others. Well, for the income that he earned from fifty cows were also quite passable. Every cow capable of generating on average 10 litres of fresh milk per day. With the lowest price range only Rp. 3,000, then every day he was able to achieve revenue of Rp. 360,000 or Rp. 10.800.000 per month.

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Dairy Cattle Business Prospects Ahead

Although somewhat as a successful dairy businessman, Sayfudin bent will continue raising business that he get into the middle of it. Magnitude of the goals is to continue to increase the number of dairy cows in order to make his business continues to grow.
The Success Of The Elections Caused A Dairy Business
This is because because according to him, this business forward will increasingly grow and prospective. Pure milk national needs in the future will be even greater. This is largely because the current community awareness of the importance of drinking milk the higher.

“Public awareness we drank the milk is increasingly getting better, it’s a nice impact for ranchers like us,” so he said. So, if you see a national milk needs still high, then dairy cattle business this is a business that is still very #peluang the potential to do.