The Way Braga, Where The Tour Etched The History Of That Color

The Way Braga, Where The Tour Etched The History Of That Color.

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Did you know that the way Braga has a different history that is etched either dark or good? This gives us the colour variety so it reflects on the present conditions. In the past, this area was known as the “road steal” because cartilage can’t. But as time goes by, the condition of quiet that gripping series to be crowded at the beginning of the year 1900. Here begins the founded shop, bar or place of entertainment by the nationals Holland. Even in the 1920s, the way Braga started crowded with the shops being the trend setter fashion in the region. Because this place is quite popular upon a time, many also are “peddling love” so that the established place of entertainment and hotel to enjoy the romance for a moment. This is what makes the history of the area so coloured.

The Way Braga, Where The Tour Etched The History Of That Color

the way bragaSejarah way Braga is to be will be reflected in the diversity of what’s happening right now. Even though there be found again the life of “selling love for a moment”, but in this place there is still much found a hotel, shops fashion (boutique) and the like that provides culinary delicious, good food come on out of the country or the food is traditional, as well as a bar and entertainment another. Interesting, this location still maintains authenticity the architecture of a building like in the past. Even if they are pemugaran, more to repair the condition of the wall to be strong but the shape is not changed. These conditions make the road Braga be destinasi tour for the tourist, to Europe (especially from Holland) or tourists domestic.

Not only old people who like the condition of this region. For the young, this place looks very romantic. A lot of young couples that take a picture, go shopping in the boutiques and shopping, and hangout while watching a stage dance or music on the road this Braga. Especially in this place also there are some artists draw ready to perpetuate kemesraan the visitors and pour into the canvas. Interesting, on some parts of the building in the region of Braga, is often a location photo pre wedding who brag the impression of an old city like in Jakarta.