The world’s most intense eruptions along with pictures

The world’s most intense eruptions along with pictures
The world's most intense eruptions along with pictures

In various parts of the Earth there are mountains and mountains of active fire die. In Indonesia itself we know has many volcanoes because Indonesia is one of the volcanoes are scattered in various parts of the world.

Lately we too often hear Indonesian volcanoes active crater breathed the heat that makes the people who live around them became panicked and had to evacuate.

The story about the awesomeness of the eruptions, here we will discuss some of the greatest eruptions in the world along with the picture. Where the most intense explosion, three occurred in Indonesia.

The largest explosion-an explosion in a mountain in North Sumatra was recorded as the largest explosion in recorded history which occurred around 75 thousand years ago (according to theory), the mountain spewed magma as much as 2500 cubic meters which caused the tertutupnya 2/3 part of the Earth with the ashes, killing half of Earth’s habitats and also extreme weather the years. But the explosion left a beautiful Lake and is currently the largest in southeast asia.

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Mount krakatau child-Indonesia
Mount krakatau erupted

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Before becoming the son of krakatau, the mountain was formerly named mount Krakatoa. Powerful flash point in 1883 caused a tsunami, too, the explosion also made a film by American film company into a big screen movie.

A second eruption occurred in 1927, the son of Krakatoa is erupting again and in June 2009, the son of Krakatoa (volcano Remnant) also made a panicked citizens around the mountain, because of aggressive activity. The son of krakatau issued a lava hot few days between March 4-June 8, 2009.
Mount Pinatubo-Philippines
Catalysmic pinatubo

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The explosion of Mount Pinatubo is one of the largest eruptions in the world, the mountain erupted on June 15, 1991 in the Philippines. The explosion is accompanied by the avalanche of abu vukanik, a cold lava, hot ash and gases with high speeds up to hundreds of kilometers.
Mount Huaynaputina-Peru


This mountain is the largest in South America, a mountain as tall as 4850 meters it erupt, where Flash almost covered the entire continent of the Pacific with a radius of 120 km. This Explosion resulted in climate change all over the world. Ashes Flash buried as deep as 50 km to the West of the mountain until now.
Mount Santa Maria-Guatemala

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Known as santa maria eruption in 1902, the eruption is also included into one of the largest eruptions in the 20th century. This eruption has been consuming the sacrifice of more than five thousand inhabitants.
Mount Novarupta-Alaska peninsula

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A huge explosion also occurred on the alaska peninsula, where the mountain spewing 12 KM cubic magma ash into the air so that envelop the surrounding area with an area of 7800 KM.