Unique and creative packaging of Duplicate Benefits

The biggest OBSTACLE in marketing a product is the packaging. It is less realized by most of the perpetrators of the small businesses in Indonesia. Generally they are not aware of or less understand that packaging is good and interesting will bring more value to the product being sold.

“Generally our little pengusahan still thinking traditionally rely solely on products sold, while pembungkusnya mediocre (plastic).

Unique and creative packaging of Duplicate Benefits
They did not realize that the value of the product they can gain more if it wraps it with packaging that is attractive, “says Delli Gunarsa, entrepreneurs, while talking with the newspaper Figures.

In creative packaging trends overseas isn’t a novelty anymore. Any craft even food products wrapped with packaging that is attractive, eye catching. Undeniably, consumers generally will be attracted to products that are wrapped with beautiful. “It’s a common consumer behavior, the first thing that gets them interested in buying an item is packaging such items,” he added.

Consumer likeĀ desain kemasan produk dengan corel behaviour is very realized by businessmen abroad, whether it’s big or small businessmen. Therefore the models beautiful and creative packaging of many popping up. They are vying to make the packaging sekreatif possible.

“When judging contents, yes it is-that’s it, sometimes not. Chocolate-brown out of the country for example, are packed with beautiful, tempting consumers to buy, even though their contents. In Indonesia, we have lots of quality products produced by small industry, whether it be food, crafts, or other commodities, however, because the traditional packaging or mediocre, it becomes less attractive. Buntutnya, the product becomes difficult to compete, “Delli said that often become the resource person seminar that discusses the importance of the packaging of a product.

Change the mindset of the small businessmen will be the importance of creative packaging, according to Delli, is not easy. How hard it is to convince them that a good and creative packaging could have doubled their advantage.
“I have been invited to various areas throughout Indonesia just to talk about the packaging. I feel very well how their ketidakmengertian about the packaging, especially the principals of small businesses. To them I can’t speak, “brothers product packaging is very important. .. blah … blah .. “.

They will not understand. But if I give examples, including hitung-hitungan a benefit with creative packaging, compared to the usual wrapper, then they understand. But, right, who understand just who participated in the seminar, while so many perpetrators of small businesses in Indonesia, did not participate in this seminar. So it’s a matter of packaging education to improve the marketability, of competitiveness, it must be continuously supplied, “continued the Director D&D Delli Pack Indonesia so be better product packaging